Why are there So Many New Gun Owners?

In 2020 our country added tens of millions of new gun owners to the record books. Many of these first-time gun owners included individuals who never saw or understood the “need” to own a gun. Some were purely neutral on the issue and just never got around to it, while others were actually anti-gun and opposed them altogether. Nonetheless, the numbers are real and the record shattering ATF background checks are proof that people wanted guns in their possession. If you’re reading this you’re probably very aware of all the events that unfolded during those 12 months. Especially, the government’s absolute failure to enforce law and order, and to protect life and property. In some instances, our government actually permitted, and encourage, the riots in our streets. And amazingly, some elected officials bailed out the few individuals that were apprehended for their violent protest. When you add the pandemic on top of that, and police officials publicly stating that they were not going to respond to 911 calls, the feeling of being ‘on your own’ became a reality. And for the first time, many Americans were forced to acknowledge that they were their own first responder.

The increase in the sales of firearms over the past 24 months should not be a surprise to anyone in light of the facts. There are millions of first-time gun owners because of the failure of government to fulfill its basic obligations to keep the peace, enforce law and order, and defend the Rights of its citizens. But in reality, even if government was functioning as it should, the need for firearms would not cease to exist. At most, the failures we experienced in 2020 just exposed the reality of our world because we are only as secure as we permit ourselves to be. For most gun owners, a firearm is similar to owning insurance with one glaring difference; insurance doesn’t prevent bad things from happening, whereas a firearm can. Most people believe in owning some form of homeowner’s or car insurance in the event an accident or fire occurs. None of us ever want to use it, but we want our property to be repaired or replaced in case of an unfortunate. The same philosophy exist for gun owners with the caveat that, life cannot be replaced. And, the most precious thing in our world is the safety and security of our family. Just like that insurance policy, many gun owners pray that they never have to use a firearm to defend themselves, or loved ones, from harm. Like most insurance owners, I’d rather have it and not need it, as compared to needing it and not having it.

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