Well, it depends. Generally, approval times from the ATF have decreased but we are all at the mercy of their timeline and workload. Currently, approval time for transfers to gun trust is approximately 10.5 months and approval times for transfers to individuals is about 7.5 months.

A gun trust is special type of trust designed to address issues that are unique to firearms, which are one of the most heavily-regulated types of personal property in the United States. Many ordinary law-abiding citizens use gun trusts to acquire and enjoy NFA firearms. Most gun trusts are highly-customized revocable living trusts that address the rights and duties of the parties to the gun trust relating to the use, possession, and transfer of firearms. Most gun trusts determine how a single person or a married couple’s firearms are to be managed during his/her/their lifetime, in the event of his/her/their incapacity, and also upon his/her/their death. Because firearms in the gun trust pass privately to the beneficiaries outside of the probate court process, many people also assign their non-NFA firearms to their gun trusts. A well-written gun trust can serve as a comprehensive estate plan for all of the settlor or settlors’ firearms that are assigned to or acquired by the gun trust.

If a suppressor, or any other NFA item, is registered in an individual’s name then he/she is the only one who can legally possess that item. Anyone else in possession of that suppressor, including family members or business associates, without the registered owner being present will be in serious legal trouble. But, a Gun Trust resolves that issue. When you create a Gun Trust you get to identify who can use the suppressor when you’re not present and you get to decide who will inherit the suppressor.


Other benefits include the following: 1. Asset protection. Generally, NFA items are expensive and a trust can protect those valuable assets from creditors or any financial liability that might occur. 2. Changes in the law. We never know what anti-gunners will do to proscribe our Second Amendment Rights, but in the event that the transfer of a NFA items becomes illegal the trust will be the owner of the NFA item. That means NO transfer will have occurred between the co-owners of the trust and those individuals will still be able to use and possess the item. 3. Avoid probate. A trust is a private document and is not subject to the probate process like a will or estate. With a Gun Trust you decide who will ultimately receive the suppressor when you pass. 4. Privacy. Since a trust is a private document, and the suppressor is property of the trust, you avoid disclosure of assets in the trust (for

example, a will become part of the public record when it is filled in a probate court, that means property of the decedent is disclosed to the public).

A Gun Trust does not necessarily speed up the approval process. But it does give you more rights and options as compared to the suppressor being registered to an individual. If you’re a hunter, avid shooter or outdoorsman, own a business, or have a family, a Gun Trust is certainly worth the wait.

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Firearms regulated by the National Firearms Act (“NFA”), such as fully-automatic weapons (also known as “machine guns”), short-barreled rifles (“SBRs”), short-barreled shotguns (“SBSs”), and sound suppressors (also known as “silencers”) are commonly known as “NFA firearms,” formally known as “Title II weapons,” and oftentimes incorrectly referred to as “Class 3” firearms or weapons (Class 3 actually refers to the Type 3 Special Operation Tax required for an FFL in order to be a dealer of NFA firearms). On the other hand, firearms that are not regulated by the NFA, but that are regulated by the Gun Control Act of 1968 (“GCA”) and other federal laws, are formally known as “Title I weapons.” To distinguish

them from NFA firearms, Title I firearms are commonly referred to a “non-NFA firearms” or “regular firearms.”