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About the company

GLF Armory was started in 2017 by a lawyer with an unnatural appreciation for the shooting sports. Initially, our focus was on suppressors and the goal was to help streamline the process of acquiring these awesome class 3 items. Since our founding we expanded our offerings with the objective of meeting some of the needs of the Second Amendment community and sportsmen in our area. We want to be your one-stop shop for your firearm needs and we aim to meet that goal by taking the customer relationship to the next level. You’re not just a customer when you do business with GLF Armory, you’re our client and we believe that our job is to find the solution to your shooting needs. Whether you’re looking for the perfect accessories to your favorite firearm, need advice on a Gun Trust, or if you just need a couple boxes (or a couple of cases) of ammo, we are here to help.

Welcome to GLF Armory.

Customer Support

Need assistance? Our team is here to help! Please email us at a.guice@glfarmory.com with any concerns for questions.  We’re here for you!

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Is there an issue with you purchase?  Need to make a return?  Click here for additional information.

Free Shipping

Membership includes free shipping and discounts at GLF Armory, or if you long-term food storages and other preparedness items, use your discount at our affiliate gitoutfitters.com.

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